I started eating plant-based back in 2017 after being fed up with asthma and struggling with the weight gain and fluctuations. No matter what I did, when I was eating meat and dairy, my weight would going up and down. I would get terrible sinus infections every winter like clockwork. After multiple doctor appointments, over the counter drugs, prescriptions, suffering and frustration, I decided to try switching my diet. After eating a plant-based vegan diet for two months, I lost 15 lbs without ever feeling hungry, my asthma was under control and my clothes fit so much better! Then..stress hit and I fell off the wagon---WORST. DECISION. EVER. I thought I had it under control but I gained all the weight back I had lost (plus some!) and got sick again. After my asthma and breathing issues returned, I called my allergist to get an appointment. When they said they did not have any openings for two months, I said to myself "I don't need a doctor. I need to heal myself!" I returned to a plant-based diet and have lost all the weight I gained back (and a few extra pounds) and no more breathing issues. I ditched the inhaler and back to my intense workouts without having to quit because I couldn't breath! This time, I am focused on being consistent, so my transition to the lifestyle was seamless.


If you are sick, can not keep unhealthy weight off, or just feeling pulled to trying out a plant-based diet, do yourself a favor and do it! I want to help others realize that disease and illness is caused by inflammation, which has everything to do with what we are putting into our bodies. 


My 3 P's To Staying On Track With Eating Plant-Based: Planning, Preparation and Pinterest! You will enjoy the daily dose of self-care by eating plant-based and its actually fun to prepare pretty, colorful dishes that energize you and fight diseases versus feeding them. We are living in a time that eating plant-based is so much easier. With the endless information and recipes online and orangic fruits and veggies being much more accessible, the time is now.